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Once again, nostalgia can't be wrong 0

  The box art is among the best of all games This may not come as a surprise to many, but I’m going to say it anyway; Mega Man 10 is ridiculously tough. Of course, that’s how Mega Man rolls and is probably why people like me keep coming back to it.  If you’re any kind of a Mega Man fan, or have at least played a couple of the original games, you already know what you’re getting yourself into. The tenth installment, like the rest of the games, offers a unique attempt by Dr. Wily for world d...

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Mega Man 10 is Less Punishing and More Fun 0

Mega Man 10 is another surprise from Capcom as they totally disregard next gen graphics escalation and roll things back to the days of the NES when 8-bit was the standard. And for 800 Microsoft Points, it can be yours. But first things first. If you've heard or seen or touched any Mega Man game you probably already know how things play out. This game is a 2D platformer with retro graphics, play mechanics as simple as jump and shoot, and plenty of difficulty. The game is self-aware enough so that...

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Start ordering some extra controllers... 0

 (Full Disclosure: This review was written by somebody with no previous experience playing any old school Mega Man games and so perhaps my skills were not up to scratch) Picture the scene. There you are, sitting on the stage select screen of Mega Man 10, pondering over who of Dr Wiley's latest batch ridiculous looking henchman to tackle first. Their portraits all glaring back at you with very annoyed expressions on their faces, as though they were quickly discarded Christmas presents seeking rev...

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A solid experience but it can't match its predecessor 0

Mega Man is a video game character who truly needs no introduction. With enough games under his belt to give Bobby Kotick wet dreams, you're bound to have a couple duds here and there. A few years ago, Mega Man games seemed to be going out with a whimper after the horrible later games in the X series and the sub-par games on the DS. Fortunately, Mega Man 9 showed up and changed all that with a bold step back to when Mega Man was great. And now here we are, in tr...

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Mega Man battles the H1N1 pandemic 0

  Mega Man 10 is a rather ironic release. Ironic in the sense that it’s the direct sequel to a game most known for abandoning every gameplay change, new plot direction and franchise reimagining done to the ever-stagnating Mega Man series in the last twenty years. And if Mega Man 9 is not only intended to be a nostalgic homage but the starting point of a new franchise, then it shouldn’t be long before the known world is fed up with the conservative direction of games like Mega Man 10. Soon peopl...

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Mega Man 10 Turn-Based Review 0

There are only so many times you can fall down the exact same hole before a sense of rage fills your body. This has always been a foundation of Mega Man I found hilarious – the fact that watching someone play is just as entertaining as playing it yourself. I pride myself on being one of the few Mega Man masters, someone who has beat every numbered entry in the series and can buster-only most of them. Mega Man 9 was easily my favorite game of 2008 and in the series, as well. I’ve played it to a p...

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It's Mega Man in 8-bit. How could you go wrong? 0

 The release of Mega Man 10 certainly has less of a "wow" factor than Mega Man 9. 8-bit graphic style (such as the Bit.trip series) and classic additions to long running franchises (such as Contra Rebirth) have become more common these days, so Mega Man 10 doesn't stand out quite as much. It brings 8 new robot masters (Strike Man, Solar Man, Nitro Man, Pump Man, Blade Man, Commando Man, Sheep Man and Chill Man) into the mix. That being said, can the game continue at the amazing pace set by Mega ...

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Capcom once again reminds us why they were kings of the NES 0

I sometimes (read: often) make strange free associations. Mega Man 10 reminds me of the Foo Fighters, more specifically their music videos. The band shows an incredible talent at non-sequitur based humor, undercutting the rather angst filled lyrics of their songs with ridiculous, comical, and often intensionally schmaltzy visuals. Their music video for Long Road to Ruin is particularly good at being intentionally too dramatic. These videos perfectly balance intentional cheeziness and melodrama i...

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Mega Man roman numeral X 0

 The Mega Man franchise is one that, for the most part, has stood the test of time.  It has had so many sequels and spin offs that most new gamers might not even recognize the side-scrolling platforming shooter as the original style of Mega Man game.  That is unless you played the last faux-retro Mega Man game they put out in 2008. Now I could go on and on about the controls, the feel, the look, the straight up style that this game exudes, but to be honest none of that really matters.  All I hav...

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t's Mega Man and after 10 iterations you know what you are going 0

 Well first off this is a Mega Man game and you have to defeat the 8 master robots before you can move on to the final levels. If you have recently read my blog you will see that Mega Man is my second favorite gaming franchise and with playing Mega Man 10 I still love this franchise. The big part that helped me to continue playing this game has been the trophy support because it has added hours of my gameplay for me. Again the level design and music are amazing, with the music growing on you the...

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Comes close to the greatness of 9 0

Mega Man 10 comes close. I wanted this game to be as great as Mega Man 9. However, I could not get over one aspect of Mega Man 10, the lack of good music. Think about which Mega Man titles have the best music. Mega Man 2 and 9 are two of the highest rated Mega Man titles, and they share the common aspect of catchy music. In Mega Man 10, the themes sound like they are going somewhere, but ultimately do nothing for my ears. I will get to that point in a second.  Yes, this does look and feel fam...

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Mega Yawn 0

The tenth installment of the long running, 8-bit Mega Man series was release in early 2010 on WiiWare, PSN and XBOX Live and is a direct follow-up to the extremely difficult Mega Man 9.The story takes place in the 21st century and a robotic virus, dubbed Roboenza, has started infecting robots all over the world. The infection causes robots to shutdown, malfunction and even go berserk. Dr. Wily, the primary antagonist for every other Mega Man game, comes to Dr. Light and the blue bomber seeking a...

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