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More robot insanity! 1

A staple of the typical NES gamers' childhood, Mega Man III holds a special place in many of our hearts. It's always been up there in my personal favorite NES games of all time, but having played through it again recently, I can help but feel I was viewing it through rose-tinted glasses. This is going to be a fairly "By the numbers" review as the game just doesn't inspire me to do anything different... Perhaps that's because that's all the game itself is -- a reiteration of previous installments...

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Mega Man 3: Between Robotic Dogs and A Brotherly Dispute 0

You know, I really hate to review this game. It's not that it's a bad game, it's just, so... long. Have you ever gotten so trashed and hammered drunk that by the time you wake up, you aptly vow to never drink again? Well, apply that theory here: after the destruction of the eight Robot Masters, the game just seems to turn into a huge pile of monotonous repetitiousness. But oh well, let's venture forth with our mighty Plasma Cannon and once again attempt to rid the world of Dr. Wily's devious wou...

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For those about to Rock (we salute you) 0

A diving slide is when a human being, running with full force, lowers his upper body to the floor and allows the built-up momentum to drag his or her form across the floor, feet first. For decades, great people have been risking high wedgies and ounces of detergent, sliding across pants-ruining terrain in the name of survival and scoring runs. The slide is a viable technique for stealing bases in baseball, narrowly diving under the giant closing trap door in the cursed Mayan temple you may be ex...

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