Mega Man 9 next week!!

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#2 Posted by DuhQbnSiLo (2241 posts) -

Last Mega Man i liked was Mega Man X for SNES

#3 Posted by rmanthorp (4348 posts) -

Ah I'm so torn I wanted it for XBLA but I don't wanna wait that long!!

#4 Posted by tokyochicken (887 posts) -

If I get it I'll probably get it on the ps3, gotta love the d-pad

#5 Posted by Nets (325 posts) -

Yeah. D-PAD sucks on 360, I don't play my Wii anymore, so PS3 version all the way. Viva la Mega Man 9!

#6 Posted by dogbox (542 posts) -

I think I'm going to be getting this on Wii, just so I have an excuse to switch it on. Maybe PSN though.

#7 Posted by Peacemaker (1124 posts) -

I'm actually more excited for Mega Man 9 than I thought I would be.  Mega Man and Wipeout in the same week is really awesome.

#8 Posted by lantus (145 posts) -

This game looks so awesome, but I really want wipEout HD, ugh I don't know which one to get!

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