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Mega Man 9: The Modern Retro Title That Could 0

Let's be completely honest with ourselves: if your heritage of video games begins and ends primarily in the realm of polygons and textures, chances are high that Mega Man 9 is going to seem rather foreign from a conceptual standpoint. It lacks much in the way of checkpoints, relies on tile-based sprites for its visuals, and has a difficulty curve which hasn't been witnessed in platformers for years. The length of the journey is less than that of an average first person shooter and, to top it all...

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Megaman returns in a deliciously difficult 8-bit romp 0

Capcom’s Megaman 9 is the latest game in the long running Megaman/Rockman series which originally made its debut on the NES all the way back in 1987. Considered as the follow-up to Megaman 8 released nearly twelve years ago (excluding its numerous spin-offs), the game’s engine has been built from the ground up to recreate an authentic experience fitting of the 8-bit machines of the past. Background music throughout is appropriately MIDI sounding with its sound range limited to the five channels ...

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A return to roots and business models 0

Mega Man 9 is a great game. If you like Mega Man games. Or old school side-scrolling. Or a difficulty setting that has you setting down the controller and walking away for hours at a time (Capcom has a funny way of making games way more difficult than expected and having you come back for more). The new Robot Masters are fine, the levels can be very challenging at points (JEWEL MAN), and there is plenty of replay value if you're one of the few shooting stars who want to complete the extensive li...

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Rock out with your Cock out 0

Your favorite band, after years of solid rock albums, worldwide touring, partying and hotel smashing, decides that they need to evolve or mature their sound. Therefore, they produce some “experimental” albums (probably with some kind of jazz influence) and alienate most of their fanbase. Eventually, the band realizes the error of their ways and produces an album similar to what got them so popular in the first place, one that’ll probably involve Rick Rubin. That comeback album is what Mega Man 9...

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A return to gaming roots. 0

When I first heard about this new game with a new direction in the Mega Man series I thought to myself: "Genius!". After all, let's be serious here, technology advancement wasn't easy on Mega Man. The old days were glorious for this franchise, but it never actually adjusted itself for the newer consoles, 3D or anything like that. Mega Man's deal is 2D platforming, plain and simple. That's why the best more recent Mega Man games are exclusively found on handhelds, where gaming has still a lot to ...

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The first great 8-bit title in 15 years 0

I never really got into Mega Man games.The first game, a kiss of death waiting in my Easter Basket, taunted me with its unbeatability.  Even after summoning the power of game genie to defeat it years later, the whole experience left a sour taste in my mouth.  The game's sequels passed over each other in such a dizzying fashion that I thought the ship had sailed - how could I get into these new games if I didn't know how to play the first one?  I even tried to get into the reboots, Mega Man X, Me...

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Welcome back to the 80s... 0

Nearly twenty years ago, Mega Man was introduced to the gaming world and provided a challenge and a formula that worked for the rest of the series. Recently, the franchise has been in hiatus in terms of the real games than crazy spin-offs, but Capcom decided to take advantage of their downloadable games initiative with the Blue Bomber and return to the glory days of 8-bit graphics and gameplay with Mega Man 9. This alone feels like a love letter to dedicated fans of the series that experienced t...

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8-bit in HD 0

The most important thing you need to realize about Mega Man 9 is that if you don’t like the style, then you’re a terrible person. 8-bit has returned straight from the NES and onto your next-gen console, that very same one hooked up to that fancy HDTV. It’s also complete with synthesized music and sound effects that are indistinguishable from the originals. Honestly, though, if you can’t get over the style, then the game most likely isn’t for you as you’re sorta missing the point; while I underst...

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Mega Man 9 Review 0

How many times does this happen...Ill answer that, not many at all. Mega Man 9 harks back to what i myself grew up with, the 8-Bit Era. This includes the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Master System. These two consoles are my favorite consoles of all time. When i was a kid, i didn't have much to concentrate on in life, I didn't play Music, I didn't make Movies or anything, heck, i didn't review like i do now. All you have, is friends, family, and Video Games mostly, and the first con...

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Go for it, if you like a real arse kicking. 0

It’s not every day that you see a big game developer create the next game of a well-established franchise by going all the way back to its roots, even if that may have been twenty years ago. This is exactly the route Capcom has taken with Megaman 9, and while it might feel to some like a simple effort to make nostalgic gamers drool, the end result is a very solid game with the additional ability to draw in some new fans to a series they might not have touched otherwise.  The plot is fairly st...

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Get Ready to Retry a lot. 0

Mega Man 9 is a new sequel to the long running Mega Man franchise. Instead of using an up to date graphics engine, the developers opted to go retro and use the same engine that powered the old NES games. This is an interesting idea, and it's cool to pretty much be playing a new NES game in 2008, complete with sprite flicker and audio inconsistencies (if you choose). Mega Man 9 plays exactly like Mega Man 2. You can choose which order  you'd like to beat the first eight levels, but some orders ar...

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Albeit stripped of content, Mega Man 9 succeeds. 0

            Capcom, who has perhaps observed Nintendo’s use of nostalgia to maintain its relevance to “true gamers” and recently revived the Bionic Commando franchise with the sublime Rearmed, is resurrecting another dormant IP: the real Mega Man.  A new Mega Man with the style of 1988 and twenty years’ design insight seems like a surefire plan for success.  And it is.             Mega Man 9 follows the basic narrative and gameplay patterns of every other retro Mega Man game.    Dr Wily is up to...

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Megaman's got 99 problems, and gameplay is one. 0

Mega Man and Mega Man 2 were two of my favorite games released one the NES - Megaman 2 is still quite possibly my favorite game of all time.  Level design was perfect, and the soundtrack can put John Williams to shame.  I didn't play nay Mega Man games after 2, so when I heard Mega Man 9 was coming in true NES Rom style, I went and bought the Wii Classic Controller and counted the days.Speaking of the Classic Controller - I hate this thing.  The controller doesn't fit in your hand well and the r...

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Perfectly Executed 0

this is a totally old school 8 bit game that is VERY challenging.  it took me 4 days to finally beat the game! At first this game can be frustrating because it's so hard, but after a while, you start to learn the patterns and get reminded of what gaming use to be like in those old NES days.  Thank you Capcom!...

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Mega Man 9 0

With the recent announcement of Mega Man 10, I decided to pick up the controller and play Mega Man 9. The storyline that they came up with was interesting. It's obviously another Dr. Wily story and this time Dr. Light gets taken to jail! So the obvious answer is to get Mega Man to save the day. I do enjoy that they take note to mention for Mega Man to be careful as he hasn't “done this in a while” So then the boss screen hits and I notice 2 things right off the bat. First off, a woman bos...

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I Hate You Mega Man 0

JerkMega Man 9 hates you, and isn't afraid to let you know. Here's news for you Mega Man 9. I hate you back. Please let me have one more E-Tank.It's just as hard as everyone says. Most games of the Mega Man 2 era require memorization, but this game, ostentiably a throw back to MM2, takes it to the next level. We'll give you a blind jump to a landing block that isn't there yet, sure, but this time, let's put it over some spikes.Do you know what else needs some spikes? The ceiling. And another in ...

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A game that will make you relive your childhood all over again. 0

 First off I would like to start this review off by saying I have beaten all 9 of the original Mega Man games and this game ranks up their with the best of them. In my opinion I have always loved Mega Man 2 and 3 the best since it was before they started to water down the franchise with the later titles but that is for another story. But playing through this game has made me want to be a kid again where there was no worries or anything, but the main reason I wish I was a kid after playing this i...

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The Blue Bomber is Back 0

But is he up to scratch?Mega Man 9 is a completely new iteration of the classic Mega Man series, which had its humble beginnings on the NES. Alot were skeptical about whether Mega Man 9, with its deliberate 8bit styling, would hold up today as it did way back in 1987. The result is, for all intents and purposes, a great example of a Mega Man game, warts and all.Capcom stays with the tried and true formula of the past Mega Man games by throwing you eight robot masters to defeat before you can pro...

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Dying is Easy. 0

Kids these days don’t know what a hard video game is. That’s a pure, unchallenged fact. When the Game Genie came out, the challenge in video games went into a downward spiral that it never recovered from. People say Zelda: Twilight Princess is hard. People say GTA4 is hard, and people say a slew of other games are “hard.” These people have never played a real game. They have no inkling of how unrelentingly evil video games were, games like Megaman. Kids these days don’t know what a hard vid...

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Well... More Mega Man! 0

Let us not kid ourselves here. Mega Man has never really had a significant change made to the formula. There have been neat additions, graphical upgrades, and numerous deviations utilizing the Mega Man name, but the core series has stayed pretty consistent in terms of gameplay and presentation. So for me, a long time Mega Man fan waiting for a super sleek graphically bad ass hi definition iteration to the classic franchise (gameplay preferably untouched) , the announcement of Mega Man 9 was slig...

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