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Great! 0

 Mega Man Anniversary Collection is a compilation game of Mega Man 1-8 and introduced two new arcade releases that had not been released in the USA. If you like Mega Man you will probably like this collection. You get a limited number of continues. Mega Man has never been easy, but it is rewarding to finally get past that level or beat that boss. I am speaking as a big fan of Mega Man, so my review is a little tainted. I really like this collection!...

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No Problem with These Ports 0

If you like Mega Man, and you want Mega Man 1-8 on one disc, then this is the game for you! The ports are excellent! The only major game play change is now you can rapid fire in the early Mega Man games which you couldn't do in the NES versions. You can save after every level completed in these ports, which is great. I will say about Mega Man games is ....DANG! are they hard, but once you complete a level/beat a boss/beat the game, MAN is it REWARDING...this series takes dedication and hard work...

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Excellent ports of excellent games 0

The NES Mega Man games are truly iconic, and this compilation truly does those games justice. The quality of the ports seem to be perfect which is impressive. Most people seem to believe that Mega Man 2 and 3 are the best in the series, but I feel that 4 and 5 are as good if not better than those two. Mega Man 1 and 6 are a couple notches lower. Mega Man 7 is a good game, but it starts to feel a bit off and Mega Man 8 is truly crazy. It's not that Mega Man 8 is a bad game, it's just incredibly...

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A great way for newcomers to see just what made Mega Man popular. 0

NOTE: This review was written by me years ago, but it's never been posted on GB, so enjoy!***************Mega Man is video gaming’s “other” Mario. Like the fat plumber, he has starred in many games, he has been in several spin-offs, and he has made a good number of cameos. Just like Mario, Mega Man won’t die. One can be certain that the Blue Bomber would be mentioned among gaming’s greatest mascots. Why else would Capcom release Mega Man Anniversary Collection? They know he’s a legend, so why no...

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