Mega Man Online officially cancelled

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Last fall, Kotaku reported that Rockman Online (aka Mega Man Online) seemed like it was dead. Today, we learned that the PC game has, indeed, been canned.

The game's official blog hadn't been updated since March 2012, leaving many to wonder about the game's status. Then, last September, the game's lead artist, Kang Dong Hwa, seemed to indicate on his blog that the project had been cancelled. He did not, however, mention Rockman Online by name.

It's now been revealed that both Capcom and NeoWiz Games mutually decided to end Rockman Online's development. According to Kotaku reader Sang Kwon, a NeoWiz spokesperson said to Korean site This Is Game, "Both companies have continually discussed to find agreeable points on quality, development time, communication and etc. Ultimately, both companies have agreed to stop the development of Rock Man Online last early November."

Rockman Online was announced in summer 2010.

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Is this not the most canceled series of all time?

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I really thought this already got cancelled. Perhaps I'm just confusing it with Universe.

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Wouldn't the game's release be more newsworthy than its cancellation? "This just in: Capcom actually released a new Mega Man game."

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Im beginning to think Mega Man Cancelled is a new series.

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Poor Mega Man... Pour out an e-tank for the duder...

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Here follows my reaction to the thread title.

'Oh wow there is a mega man online? How would that work?'

'Oh wait its cancelled, that's a shame. Now we wait for the next mega man game to be announced then canned a year into development.'

RIP Mega man

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Well, I didn't even know that it was announced so . . yeah.

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Waiting until Capcom announces a new Protoman spinoff just to fuck with us.

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It was announced? :P

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Mega Man has it rougher than Kirby. Kirby at least gets some games, whereas Mega Man's corpse just keep getting pounded in the A by Capcom.

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One day someone is going to take over Capcom, and the Mega Man games will rain from the heavens.

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I don't remember this ever being announced in the first place. In fact, I honestly thought Capcom came out to say it's canceled just so they could say they canceled another Mega Man game. Seems like a dick move they are prone to pull.

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I don't get the whole Megaman is dead thing there has been 129 megaman games, and the series has only been around for 25 years. that's 5 games a year on average! That's alot of games.

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@techhits: It's because Inafune's gone now, and Capcom's actions towards the Megaman franchise since his departure look almost humorously antagonistic.

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@techhits said:

I don't get the whole Megaman is dead thing there has been 129 megaman games, and the series has only been around for 25 years. that's 5 games a year on average! That's alot of games.

Yeah but it's also been three years since the last Mega Man game and Inafune left Capcom and he basically invented Mega Man. That plus these two cancellations makes Mega Man seem dead as hell.

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This is describes everything.

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