grahfzilla's Mega Man: The Wily Wars (Genesis) review

Remakes of Mega Man 1-3 for the genesis? Can't go wrong, right?

Well, it did.

You'd think that 16 bit remakes of some of the best games in the Mega Man series would be a surefire hit, but I feel that they truly missed the mark.

There's only one thing that this compilation does better than the original versions, and that thing is the graphics. Everything else is worse. Gameplay wise the game feels good, except for the shooting. In previous Mega Man games, the speed of your shooting was limited only by your ability to press the fire button quickly. In Wily Wars, Mega Man shoots as fast as a slug, no matter how quickly you're jamming on the button. The control itself is still speedy but the fact that you can't shoot quickly really sucks. To boot there is a lot of slowdown in the game, especially during boss fights, which actually makes most boss fights a cakewalk. You can really see those weapons coming at you now, giving you all day to avoid them.

The music is absolutely ridiculous. The music in Mega Man I ain't bad, it sort of sounds like a jazzy remix of the songs with its slower tempo and all. The music in 2 and 3 though is awful, especially 3. I couldn't believe how bad the music was in Shadow Man's stage. Wily Wars is a fun diversion for gamers who are already Mega Man fans, but this isn't the Mega Man you remember. It's slower, less exciting, and sounds like ass. At least it looks good.


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