Mega Man X Collection question.

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I was thinking about getting this for the GameCube, more because of X4, X5 and X6 since I don't have a Playstation. Are the games remakes or are they exactly like they were in the originals? Is there any feature from the originals that got removed?

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#2 Posted by fini_fly (789 posts) -

They are exactly like the originals. And why would you not get them for the X, X2 and X3?

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You're going to be so disappointed dude. :(

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#4 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (5010 posts) -

They're the same.
You should definitely buy it. I've played through most Mega Man games 6 or 7 times.

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Because I have them for the SNES. I'll surely play them as well but my focus would be the ones I haven't played yet.
Thanks for the answer.

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