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Command Mission is a good turn-based RPG. 0

I wasn't expecting much out of this game. It was cheap and I heard it was short and easy. While the game itself was easy, the bosses gave some amount of challenge. I put over 24 hours into the game, while the main review claims it can be beaten in 16 hours. While I'm sure that’s perfectly possible, I just don't think you'll get any enjoyment out of a game rushing through it. There was plenty of sidequests in the game like collecting tokens, collecting figures, completing challenges, doing the ...

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A Very Flawed, Yet Entertaining Change to the Mega Man X Formula 0

The Mega Man and Mega Man X series is the prime example of a hit-or-miss deal. Games like Mega Man 1 and 2, and Mega Man X through X4 are fantastic examples of what great gameplay and story can do for a series. However, the gimmick got old quick, with Capcom never learning its lesson on how to be ambitious and give an aging series the proper upgrades needed to keep fan interest alive. That’s when they decided try something new with Command Mission, a new spin on the franchise that gave a confusi...

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