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Mega Man X Rocks, Man! (Bad Pun, No?) 0

As unholy as this may sound, I’m not a huge fan of the Mega Man games on NES. In my opinion, they were always needlessly made difficult by limited controls and abilities. So, it may come as a surprise that I absolutely love Mega Man X for SNES. I’ve never played the other installments in the X series, so I’m basing everything on this review on my experiences with this game, alone, as well as how it compares with the installments in the original Mega Man series. In Mega Man X, you play as…Mega Ma...

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Mega Man's first outting on the SNES 1

Mega Man X has to be my favorite Mega Man game of the whole series read on to find out why.. Gameplay- Excellent is one way to describe it from the power-ups the slides the jumps this is Mega Man in all his glory after the first series had been completed... till 9' was released the had done everything they could so they needed  a whole new direction and this is what they gotGraphics- A total OVERHAUL from what we first saw in the original series everything has a nice colorful look every level ha...

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A great beginning to the 2nd series. 0

Mega Man X can simply be summed up as "balanced." It is a great combination of the difficulty of the original Mega Man/Rockman games while adding a bunch of new features that change the entire gameplay dynamic of the blue bomber. Like the original series you have to fight 8 robots, this time called Mavericks which are based off of animals and are clearly not humanoid and then eventually fight the final boss. This time though you don't fight Dr. Wily you fight a virus named Sigma who has been pla...

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Best Mega Man Title 0

With a series so famous for it's platforming and crazy weapons, Mega Man X is by far my favorite of the entire franchise. The game begins simply enough with a tutorial-ish level and just steamrolls into a completely stellar experience from that point on. All the enemies, locations, and bosses are greatly varied and it's set in a way that can makes the game so fast paced that it's just amazing. This game takes everything that made Mega Man so great and just gave it a slicker, smoother way of runn...

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He's Mega Man but with ATTITUDE!!!! 1

Let me be clear right from the get go that I love this game.  I played this game as a young child many times and even more as an adult, but I will try to give this game a fair and unbiased review... ha yeah right! this game is the greatest thing to come out of Japan sense Japanese people!   But I digress...   Graphically speaking this game is much prettier than its predecessors on the NES and Mega Man not only has a brand new shiny X but brand new shiny ability's as well. The addition of the wal...

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