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Mega Man ZX Advent was released in October 2007 in North America, Europe got the game four months later in February 2008. This is the second game in the ZX series for the DS. It takes place just a few years after the first ZX game.

You play as one of the two protagonists, Grey or Ashe and must defeat the other Mega Man, and Pseudoroids. The Mega Man have the same models from the last game, Model P, H, F and L. Also Vent and Aile return from the first game with the ZX model. however, unlike the first game, the protagonist can copy the defeated opponent to get the ability as well as the physical appearance, an ability similar to Axl's from Mega Man X7 and X8.
the 2 protagonists, Grey(left) and Ashe(right)

The Pseudoroids are 8 robot mavericks and their data can be copied doubling the amount of data you can copy from the first game.

Depending on the protagonist chosen, each ability copied by Grey/Ashe will be different for the different Mega Man models, giving more variety in gameplay.
Grey plays more like the traditional Mega Man character, while Ashe is much more powerful, but slower, in that she uses more powerful buster shots, but fires only 2 shots at a time.

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