My Idea for a Megaman Crossover Game

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I have a good idea for a Megaman Crossover game

It will have a New Megaman named Omegaman and the Main villain will be named Crossoverman

Crossoverman travels into different Megaman Worlds(Megaman Classic,Megaman X,Megaman Legends,Megaman Battle Network,Megaman Zero,Megaman ZX,and Megaman Star Force) so he can destroy them all,Omegaman also travels to the 7 Megaman Worlds to save the worlds as well as Team Up with the different Megamans(and Zero)

You can play as Omegaman,Megaman Classic,Megaman X,Megaman Volnutt,Megaman EXE,Zero(Megaman Zero),Megaman(Vent),and Megaman Star Force

You have 10 stages of Megaman Classic series with 1 Robot Master from each game and Dr.Wily as Boss

You have 8 Stages Megaman X Series with 1 Maverick from each game and Sigma as Boss

You have 6 Stages from Megaman Battle Network series with 1 Netnavi from each series and Laserman as Boss

You have 4 Stages from Megaman Zero series with 1 Maverick from each game and Dr.Weil as Boss

You have 3 Stages from Megaman Star Force with Joker as Boss

You have 2 Stages from Megaman ZX with Serpent as Boss

You have 2 Stages from Megaman Legends with Tron Bonne and Megaman Juno as Bosses

then you fight Crossoverman Ultimate Form in the final stage

The Game will be 2D Sidescroller with Cutscenes with English Voice Actors

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That sounds far too ambitious for what Capcom would want to do with a Megaman game at this point. Frankly, at this point his cameo in Street Fighter X Tekken is probably too ambitious for all they care.

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