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Just picked this up for $14, having a lot of fun with it so far.

Interested to know if anyone else experiences slowdown when multiple enemies are on screen?  

It feels like the kind of slowdown you experienced back in the NES days. Doesn't really bother me (I kind of like it) but would be interesting to know if the slowdown was a homage to the original mega man / games of that era. 
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I just picked it up as well and I notice the slow down too. I don't think it's intentional like say in the coming Mega Man 9 where they try to emulate some of the NES quirks like screen tearing and slow down.

I am really enjoying it, but it is tough and not very forgiving at times. I suppose it would not be a Mega Man game if it wasn't tough.

Have you messed around with the level editor at all?

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I didn't notice any slowdown personally, so I couldn't tell 'ya.

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