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Megumi Rescue ("Fire Brigade Rescue") is an arcade-style action game for the Sega Master System. Though the title screen implies that Sega reprogrammed the game for the Master System from an earlier build for a different console, this version appears to the only version of Megumi Rescue. It requires the use of a paddle controller, sold separately.

The goal of Megumi Rescue is to control a pair of firefighters holding a trampoline, while a third (and only partly controllable) firefighter bounces from the trampoline to catch civilians (and cats) high up in burning buildings. The player must ensure that not only the third firefighter and his rescuees survive, but also the people forced to jump from the building as the fire spreads, by moving the trampoline underneath them as they fall. It plays very much like the "catch the falling object" variant of Breakout popularized by games like the Atari 2600 game Kaboom!.

The player can occasionally catch a break by finding the rescue helicopter or the gold key; in both these cases the fire is put out and the level is instantly won. There are 30 burning buildings in all to play through.

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