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Melissa Sing is the widow of Detective Steven Sing, the former partner of David Tapp. After the events of the first SAW film, which resulted in Steven's death, Melissa Sing became depressed and suicidal. She obsessed over Steven's death to the extent of neglecting her child and blamed Tapp for ruining her life.

The Jigsaw killer kidnaps Melissa and her child, placing the mother into an elaborate trap for Tapp to find. It is later revealed that, using her child as leverage, Jigsaw has blackmailed Melissa into becoming his accomplice, forcing her to manipulate Tapp throughout the course of events that take place in SAW: The Game. Depending on which ending the player chooses, you can possibly see Melissa die from a shotgun trap.


Truth is a fan-made mod to the PC version of SAW focuses on Melissa after the events of the game, based on the canonical ending that didn't portray her death.

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