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Missions and Quests

Missions Involved In

  • Jokanur Diggings 
  • Nundu Bay 

Quests Given

  • Weird Waters 

Quests Involved In

  • Signs and Portents
  • Trial by Fire
  • Melonni's Meditations 
  • Melonni Goes Recruiting 
  • Attack at the Kodash 
  • Heart or Mind: Ronjok in Danger 


  • Istan
    • The Tribunal (during quest Trial by Fire)
    • Zehlon Reach (during quest Signs and Portents)
  • Kourna
    • Command Post
  • Realm of Torment
    • Throne of Secrets



Default Skills

  • Heart of Holy Flame
  • Imbue Health
  • Mystic Sweep
  • Resurrection Signet
  • Vital Boon

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