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Melvia Siebel is an experienced adventurer from Alanya, Totori's hometown. She was born with immense strength and is able to deal with monsters roaming about in the Arland Republic with ease. Melvia carries a cheerful attitude and loves to joke around with others a lot. Whenever a conversation gets serious, she injects some small comedic remarks to lighten the mood. Despite being a licensed adventurer with brute strength, she has a lax approach in regards to work and her responsibilities as an adventurer. Melvia is also best friends with Totori's sister, Cecilia Helmold.

When Melvia first hears Totori's intentions of being an adventurer, she endorses her decision and offers her services to help Totori deal with the rigors of travelling and battling monsters during her travels out in the Arland Republic. Melvia also convinces Cecilia into letting Totori acquiring her adventurer's license in spite of what happened to her mother and continues to calm Cecilia's nerves in regards to Totori's progress as an adventurer.


Melvia is a playable supporting character that can be recruited into the player's party. She can be recruited inside Gerard's Bar in Alanya. Melvia is equipped with her large axe as her weapon. Her normal attack consists of attacking monsters with her axe, while her skills consist of stronger special axe attacks.

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