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Who is She?

Mephistopheles is a member of a secret society dedicated to the advancement and preservation of soul technology. She will offer the player the option of killing NPC's for her in the Nexus, in return for suitable rewards.

What's her Significance?

  • If the player has rescued Yurt, the Silent Chief from his cage, and if the player's Soul Tendency is Pure Black, she will appear in the Nexus, in the second floor alcove, leaning against the back wall.
  • Talking to her will bring up the option to kill certain NPC's for rewards.
  • After all her assassination missions are completed, she will attack you.

Mephistopheles Side Quests and Rewards


Kill This Person(s)
Get This Item
 Saint Urbain, Disciple of God, Acolyte of God
 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
 Sage Freke, Freke's Apprentice
 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
 Patches, the Hyena
 Colorless Demon's Soul
 Biorr of the Twin Fangs
 Colorless Demon's Soul
 Ostrava of Boletaria
 Talisman of Beasts
 Yuria, the Witch
 Foe's Ring
 Mephistopheles Paring Dagger
 Epee Rapier
 Gold Mask
 Ring of the Accursed

What Happens if I Kill Her?


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