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The wizard who was the one who took the left eye from the Demoman when he was a young boy. Which was later used to create the Monoculus, a Boss character from Halloween of 2011. Regularly appears sloppy but has a well maintained castle which he lets the soldier stay with. Until eventually the soldier made a horrible mess and then was kicked out. While astral projecting himself, the soldier burned his body and now lives as a spirit on the stage Ghost Fort. He is also responsible for sending the teams back in time for Medieval Mode, and somehow helping Soldier become a lawyer.

Merasmus is a Holiday themed Boss for Team Fortress 2. He appears for about 1 minute and 30 seconds. He attacks by throwing out bombs, and levitating enemies into the air with fire. He can teleport and also disguised himself as furniture for a quick game of hide and seek. As he teleports the bombinomicon will randomly select a player on the field to have a bomb head, with that the player must race to find Merasmus in order to stun him, gain invulnerably and crits for a brief time. He will eventually lead into the center of the point and launch a series a bomb all over the map.

His existence is inspired by the phrase "A Wizard Did It", a joke started by The Simpsons, that suggests that anything unexplainable in fiction is the result of magic. In this case, everything attributed to "a wizard did it" IS actually his fault.

Voiced by Nolan North

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