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Map: The Map in Mercenaries2 (Venezuela) is going to be 8x8 KM2 so its bigger than San Andreas at 64 SQ KM and San Andreas was only 36. The World will still have secerets and Contracts and even have the deck of card system.

Characters: Mattias Nilsson, Chris Jacobs, Jen Mui and Fiona taylor have left X-ops and are now working under on PMC. Depending on which merc you pick.


- Craft Your own Private Military Company and hire Helicopter Mechanics, Guns for Hire and Ship Captains in a quest to make you PMC the most powerful
- Over 140 Vehicles and Over 40 weapons will assist you in your explosive filled Travels
- 20 Airstrikes
- A New Grappling hook for use on helicopters and other unknown things
- Use your zippo lighter to set things ablaze
- Collect not only money time around but Oil to unlock and use new Weapons, Vehicles and Airstrikes.
- Over 30 Hours of gamplay all of which can be done over ONLINE Co-Op over the XBL or PSN
- Uses Havok 4.5 Game engine
- Yes there is a tactical Nuke
- No longer die in water, swim away or even drive a ship!
- Real time vehicle physics
- Way better AI
- Select a difficulty Mode
- Cheat Weapons will return


- Pistol (M9)
- Covert Pistol (M9SD)
- Machine Pistol (UZI)
- Covert SMG (MP5SD6)
- Assault Rifle (AK-47)
- Carbine (M4A1)
- Chinese Rifle (QZ-95)
- Combat Rifle  (XM8)
- Shotgun  (M1014)
- Light MG (M249)
- Soviet MG (RPK)
- Grenade Launcher  (M25 MGL)
- RPG (RPG-7V)
- Anti-Tank Missile (SMAWS)
- Anti-Air Missile (Stinger)
- Fuel Air RPG
- Sniper Rifle (SVD)
- Anti-Material Rifle (M95)
- Fragmention Grenades (M67)
- C4 (Semtex C4)


- Heavy Machinegun (M60)
- Recoiless Rifle (RR 120mm)
- Mortar (40mm)

Vehicles (Over 140 so i'll just  State groups)

PT Boats
AA Batteries
Mobile Artillery
Missile Launchers
Monster Trucks
Civilian Cars/Trucks/Vans
18 Wheelers
Civilian Bikes
Tank Bike
Fuel Trucks
Misc Vehicles

Theres Crap loads

AirStrikes (Fuel Air bomb is no longer the biggest HAHAHAH)

- Tactical Strike
- Artillery Barrage
- Smart Bomb
- Napalm Bomb
- Tank Buster
- Gunship Support
- BunkerBuster
- Cruise Missile
- Cluster Bomb
- Fuel Air Bomb
- Carpert Bomb
- Tactical Nuke

Destructibility is now done in layers thanks to HAVOK 4.5. There is also ragdoll!

I'll be adding constant updates, and feel free to help out!

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Edit button removed some of the post

Update: I reposted it

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Instead of posting this info and sticking it why don't you submit the info with the edit feature.  I think the site is like WIKI that way.  I would but i don't know much about this game except it should be fun.

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Ok a couple of things:

1. IS the deck of 52 confirmed? The closest related info I found was that "the concept would be there" but the exact reference to cards might not be in.

2. There is 14-16 hours of gameplay W/O doing side missions/quests. This is strictly sticking to the main story arc not killing one civilian or anything not necessary to the story.

3. I've not seen anything on difficulty modes. The closest reference is a "legendary mode" which I've heard is not a difficulty mode or something, and that it might resemble "Playground of Destruction" mode in Mercs 1 (please realize I have not played Mercs 1 so I have no idea what that means).

4. Last but not least, I'm pretty sure the "Tactical Nuke" is the "Nuclear Bunker Buster", although I'm not sure..

Nice guide otherwise!

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Your right about the Nuke name thanks

And yeah, the deck system is back but details are scant as of now

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1. it is confirmed there is NO deck of 52, despite it being one of the cooler game mission mechanics ive seen in a while. Capture/kill targets ARE still in the game, with each faction and some mission characters giving you contracts to capture/kill a specific target in the same manner, just without the cards.

2. During a demo video, a dev put the playthrough for story missions at under 30 hours. Then you have to add dozens of side missions, challanges that your freinds give you, collection/destruction quests, just screwing around et freaking al for dozens more hours.

3. On the forum, they listed 4 difficulty modes from easy to Legendary. haven't  found any word of a post-story sandbox wondering around blowing stuff up mode.

4. yup

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Thanks for all the info. This game looks really awesome. I cannot wait to play it

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