chaingangsoldier's Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (Xbox 360) review

Many problems..but undeniably fun

  • Almost completely destructable environments is fun
  • Huge map
  • Fun missions
  • Neat ideas (i.e. Hijack helicopter, tanks, etc)

  • Some of the worst vehicle engine sounds i've ever heard in a game.
  • Dialogue is very repetitive and annoying
  • Draw distance is quite bad, worse than GTA
  • Story is uninteresting
  • AI can be very stupid sometimes


Good menus and loading screens. Cutscenes are done pretty decently. Camera angles are good and usually dont get in the way. 



Can look very bad at times, and very good at times. Character models are good. Explosions are fantastic. Environment can be better at times, but looked great in some of the tropical areas. Overall pretty good.



Very fun to shoot and explode things. Missions are pretty entertaining. Good hijacking sequences. Car controls are usually good, no problems.



Terrible vehicle sound. Explosions sound great. Very few lines of dialogue. Mediocre voice acting. Probably the worst part of the game.



Fun to play online co-op with friends. 


Lasting Appeal

Game takes a good amount of time to finish. Will still be fun afterwords to explore, blow things up, etc.



Some really good points, and some really bad ones. If you love to blow things up, buy this game, if you don't, give it a rent to see if you like it first.

Overall Score: 3.5/5


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