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Mercenaries 2: World in Shame

Mercenaries 2 starts off fine, but quicky turns into a mess of technical problems that make the game overly frustrating.

The AI in the game is useless, you spend a min or so getting a few of your AI buddies into a vehicle because they are so dumb they can't find the door.  Even if you do get them in they are about as helpful as screen door on a sub.  Half the time they don't shoot at enemies, the other half they don't hit anything.  In one instance I tried to get a few of them in a APC,  I came to a full stop, honked the horn,  and the AI came up to the APC rammed himself into it and then called for Backup saying that I attacked him...

The Quick time battles are another part of the game that becomes a problem.  You go to hijack a Chopper and one false move and you’re sent falling 40 feet to the ground in Havoc 1 physic style.  The way they set up some of the quick time battles are less then stellar.  In one case they have you fight over a nad by rapidly taping one button, then to ”spice things up"  you are prompted to hit another half the time your pressing to fast you accidentally hit the wrong button and are kicked off the vehicle.  You have to memorize every vehicles Quick time which is more frustrating than rewarding.  Should have just left it the way it was in the first

Graphics are dated.  Everything in this game looks like a game that could have been released 2 years ago.   Things don't look nearly as good as they should.  The destructible buildings don't take damage like they should. 

Voice acting ranges from piss poor to barely passable.

The controls are another part of the game that frustrates.  Driving any vehicle is not fun.  Calling any air strike that isn't laser guided isn't as helpful as it could be.   So I am going to call in a Fuel- air bomb and I throw the beacon only 15 feet from me?  Great idea...   Just calling any kind of support is a pain.  You can't do anything as your calling in support, so you become a stationary target for the somehow super accurate enemy AI.  (One time I had an enemy APC Turn on a dime and fire their mounted cannon and blew me up a block away.)    Just the ways the controls are set up are annoying.  Like the guys said on BC.  A button to accelerate b to stop and go in reverse is an out dated control method. 

Weapons don't feel fulfilling to shoot, either you’re not accurate enough or they just seem weak.  The AI is amazingly resistant to bullets (even guns on vehicles) but very weak to a punch, and explosions.  It takes 2 shots to the head with a sniper rifle to take out someone.

I have had the game Crash on me a few times in the middle of a mission.  Anytime you have to do a mission over is a pain cause you have to travel for 5 mins to get to objective, and if you die or something goes wrong (which it will) guess what?  That’s right you have to drive that 5 mins all over again.

There are many other issuses. Sometimes when you call in for vehicles the Chopper pilot flys passed you and doesn't drop anything.  I have had other times where he landed only to disapper in both cases you loss your support item.  If you try to call in a air strike and get hit you don't loss the air strike but you loss some money.  (not a big thing cause money is not that hard to get, its just a pain in the ass.)   If you fail the mission as someone is calling in for back up there is a chance that they will finish the call and you will be attacked where you spawn.  On top of that your friends attack them after they distroy them you loss all your good rating with your friends and fail the mission again.

The physic, as I said before lo
ok old. Bodies go flying and their limbs are twisted in pretzel like shapes.  Your character seems to be the biggest example of it because you land like you’re a rag doll only to get up and walk like nothing happened.

I won't even go into the story because it’s not worth writing about, but that’s something I didn't think was going to be a selling point anyways.

In the beginning you will feel that this game is ok, with some flaws, but when you get later in the game and so many things can go wrong you will find yourself having less and less fun. In the end the game is shameful cause most of these problems seem like they could have been fixed, but EA just wanted it out the door.  

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Not to mention I dropped bombs on myself and survived. I wasn't scared to just drop in the middle of a base and run around buildings with my 2 health points and a  pistol. If the explosions weren't so good I'd say it's a 1 out 5.

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Posted By mawfu

5 star review. No point in me writing one. You pretty much touched base with everything. Xbox dirt with "360" grass on top.

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