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Mercs 2 made for PS2 (PLAYSTATION 2)

Where do I begin, from the moment I noticed that this game did not support my measly resolution of 1280x1024.  I knew there was something wrong with this game but, I did not know how far down the gutter this game was going to take me.  I figured that my resolution was no biggy and therefore I simply turned on all the graphical effects minus AA (Anti-Aliasing) and V-SYNC (Vertical Sync, 60 frames a second lock-in).  Know I don't want to mention my entire system specs but, if you want to know it is on my main profile but needless to say I'm packin some serious heat with my Sapphire 3870 Crossfire.  With all the eye candy turned on, I was horrified at my pathetic marks of 10 fps, even when nothing was blowing up in my face (I have FRAPS official installed to record my fps). 
Nevertheless, I just set the settings on all LOW except particle and model and view distance on max to get 60fps. 

Well, know that the game is installed and up in running at 60 fps, I was prepared to be blown away by the awesomeness that was to be Mercenaries 2 WORLD IN FLAMES BABY!!.  As I'm writing this, I don't know WTF I just played because that game I finished wasn't the Mercenaries 2 that I was atleast hoping.  The game has very big issues regarding gameplay, sound effects, music, voice acting, texture problems, pop-ups, collision detection, broken driving, broken flying, sky diving physics is NON-EXISTANT and you fall from 1000 feet and still survive with 2 hit points, oh god the collision detection is horrendous, shooting from the 3rd person is soo freakin all over the place and the auto-aim really kills your enjoyment moreso then in any other 3rd person game I have played in a damn long time, explosions of building and cars make it look like PAPER MACHE, very bad animations at some moments when your falling or trying to enter/exit a vehicle, you cannot climb in this game (you were able to climb in any free roaming game before and in this you can't, I LOL at this game), characters that includes your allies and enemies repeat the same line all the damn time "SIR YES SIR, TANKS, HELICOPTERS, SIR YES SIR......etc" "HES BEHIND THE WALL, HES BEHIND THE WALL.... etc", why repeat the same 4 lines in this game throughout the ENTIRE GAME, the same music plays each and every freakin time you hijack a tank which is soo god damn annoying and you just sit there and watch the same punch the guy in the face and then take his nade and stuff it down the tank w/o the tank being destroyed, WHY ARE PEOPLE RANDOM PEOPLE SHOOTING AT ME ALL THE TIME NO MATTER WHERE I AM AHHHHHHH, I hate the camera in this game and I cannot change it at all (The view behind your main character is soo close to him/her and your never able to see if you can make a jump in some small spaces or not), why does every vehicle have the same 4 second audio clip that is played over and over and over and it really distracts you away from the experience of driving a cool bike or automobile or tank or heli, ahhh I wasted my money on this game that was hyped for soo damn long and I cannot tell you how stupid this game is, I had such high hopes for this game,   and yeah, the whole game feels like an ULTRA UPSCALE PS2 title. 

Posted by ieatlions

might want 2 try 2 add some periods and go easy on the caps lock but on the whole good review.

Posted by English

Not much of a review. Obviously the game can't be possibly as bad as some of the points you just made.

Thanks for the review regardless.

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