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It may have some bugs but everything else makes up for it

Ok so Mercenaries 2 is a sandbox action actventure game and is the sequal to the first game Mercenaries Playground of Destruction. You can play as either of the 3 mercenaries each with their own special ability. the story has you chasing a guy named Roman who screwed you over and didnt pay you and you have to work for a varity of actions to get info on him. So here's a breakdown.

Graphics: Some people say there not next gen and GS says they have their ups and downs well i can tell you now there are braillant. Whats not to like about them great looking explosions and fires tress look great and ooooooo that water NICE! the merc models look good but could have been better and the AI seem to be the same but the beatufiul envirnments make up for that.

Sound: The sound is also great from the LOADS of vehicles in the game to the voice acting. Yeah so the AI can say the same stuff again but then you just blow em up with a air strike.

Gameplay: Again whats not to like its a sandbox game where you (or even a friend) can do whatever you want and go wherever you want blowing everything and everyone up you see fit. GS mentions the missions are repetive NO THERE NOT i didnt find any missions repetivite since you can apprach them in different ways (blow everything up, sneak around ect.)

Coop: This game lets two people play the entire game together isnt that great! You don't have to do missions you can just free roam (but you have to stay close to each other) you could go around collecting all the extras or just do your own thing its never gets old (stupid GS). You can also do some weapon challenges at the PMC to unlock costumes if there too hard to do by yourself

Value: WTF GS 'huge world without much to do' what is wrong with this reviewer?!?!? Theres endless side missions to do 100 spare parts to collect and loads more.

Glitches/Bugs: i think when GS says 'dozens' thats going a bit far. theres not that many and can be easily overlooked.

OK thats the main things mentioned but here's the lowdown

Good =)
. Got to love that great looking water (good graphics)
. Lots of different vehicles to choose from and order including civilan ones (bikes, pick ups junkers ect.)
. Most things you can blow up
. funny at times
. great use of the menu system
. Surprisenly steady frame rate
. Fun co op play
. Lots of stuff to do (unlike what GS says)

Bad =(
. yeah a few gltiches nothing majour
. Could have been a better story
. No online deathmatch
. AI could have been improved slighty

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