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Same old Mercs, shiny new bombs.

I loved the first game... that was easy now lets move on to the new game.

I like the new game, but the love is less there.  It like the old game allows you to run around cause shit and mess up the world around you.  Blow stuff up, steal military rides and shoot tons of people with the help of your 'Irish  guy' who drops in new kit and the 'Russian drunk' who drops in tons of firepower. 

The story is simpler, the characters are not as funny but still the same to a degree.  The new characters are fun but their lines are few and far between.  After a while the funny lines become a hardship to the ears and you begin to ignore the characters.  The GTA style rip people out of tanks is now a mini game that changes depending on what transport you are stealing.  This quickly gets old.  I rather liked the quick dirty action as your character kicks out the previous inhabitants and takes the truck for himself. 

The nice touches of different character's knowing different languages with the subtitles was a great touch I would have liked to see again in some other form.  The clipping and graphic issues are numerous but small.  Technical issues such as poor draw distance for snipping and long range scouting pile up quickly with loss of functions such as the inability to zoom, jump over small walls of debris and getting trapped in rag doll mode.

These only get bigger with online.  The player set up is not bad, I like running around with my mate causing all sorts of hell, but I wish I had access to my own resources such as kit drops, bombs and vech.  Cutting off access due to faction access of the other player would have been a simple addition.  Now I have to gather a whole new slew of ordinace without the ability to purchas.  Also if I complete a mission with my mate, I do not finish the mission on my own solo game.  Another addition that hit the cutting room floor. 

It makes me think that the game was held back so long for development how was it last year. 

Ether way I like this game.  The missions are simple and repetative but allow for such access towards resolution in some cases I cannot ignore the most important portion of the game.  The fun.  I have fun with it.  Simple easy fun.

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