t67443's Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (Xbox 360) review

So Much Potential

I have been looking forward for this game since I shelved my Xbox and put Mercenaries in a box with all my other Xbox games. I often thought of taking the game out and having another run through in the massive North Korean  war zone.

Mercenaries 2 is extremely different though in not only story line but how you interact with the different groups. In the original you would search for the North Korean deck of 52. This to me would be great fun to explore the country side to find these different cards by driving around in the country side or doing missions. Well that was all taken out. Which was a disappointment for me.

Instead of those targets you get targets from each group who has a foothold in Venezuela. These targets are either a person to capture or a building to be destroyed which can be fun to do, but can get very repetitive. Then there are missions for the different groups which are usually attack a certain base, or take part in a race which again can get very repetitive.

There are a few fun missions that you can do in this but they seem to be few and far between which kind of sucks. They really don't seem to try and experiment with missions they don't try new things at all in this other than the fact that the explosions are fun and the visuals are great but it just doesn't cut it because of all the bugs you come across.

So maybe this was all because I was playing co-op with a friend but I came across a huge amount of bugs that would break the game. Hijacking was broken, I couldn't revive my friend if he died, items would be on my screen but not on his so we would run through wreckage, and I couldn't even subdue an enemy. The co-op was still fun though. We could go into a base blow everything up and evil pretty fun and easily, but that was over shadowed by the tether you have to deal with which was really a let down since we could not attack from different angles that well. Another major problem with co-op was if I left the game we were playing I would lose all the money we had accumulated. All these bugs, glitches and poor design leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes me wonder what they did for that entire year they had.

Even with all these problems I can tell you I had a good time with the game and I'm going to play it every once and a while. I can tell you this is a great game to rent you will have some fun especially if your playing with a friend. My only hope after playing the game though is that Mercenaries 3 makes for a far better game and that they release a patch for the game.


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