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Mercenries World in Flames

I bought mercenaries because I was a fan of the first, and I had heard some good things. This game like others has its up's and downs, lucky its up's outnumber its downs.

Stories: The the story is about getting revenge one man who had hired you to return his general, and he didn't pay you back. The idea of the game makes scene, but the way they present the games story falls flat, were it tries to be serious while being to corny at the same time. The overall story was a good idea and I enjoyed it, but it could have been worked on.

Graphics: The graphics are a improvement from the first Mercenaries playground of destruction,  and the Venezuelan terrain is beautiful to stare at for the first few hours and on words. They do tend to blur when in a helicopter, or for no apparent reason but it usually gets better in a few moments later. The Explosions of gorgeous and you'll never get tired of sending in a Tactical nuke into a city, or watching a Cluster Bomb Drop hundreds of bombs on either enemies or random lines of buildings. Another incredible thing about the explosions is the fact that here is hardly to no amounts of lag during any of the Air Strikes.

Ups: There is plenty of side-missions as well as screwing around time in this game. The weapons all have a unique look to them, and a majority of the vehicles handle different then the next. The landscaope is extremly vast and has many unique areas with different lighting effects, moods, and civilian/militants, that theres bound to be a place for you.

Downs: The game has a titanic amount of glitches which takes away from the fun, you can't buy supplies on the go from people like the Mercent of Death, use cheats to have plenty of money ' health ' ammo' or air strikes, and some of the side-missions are harder then some of the last missions in the game.

Game play: This game has the potential of 60 hours to screw around, finish the main game, and complete every side mission. Then you might want a rest from the game, but you'll soon be drawn back to the fun of seeing those air strikes annihilate yours enemies or just drive around the vast landscape.

Overall: I give this game a 8.1, but I believe this game would be a 9.4 without the glitches, and the terrible gun accuracy.

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