valor79's Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (Xbox 360) review

What happened to this game?

Mercenaries 2 feels a great deal like EA and Pandemic took the first game, added a fresh coat of paint and online co-operative play, changed the setting to Venezuela, and then hit the send button.
This could be a great thing if they had not also removed many aspects of the first game which made it so much fun to play. In Mercenaries you were trying to track down to capture of kill a 'deck of cards.' This deck consisted of 52 different leaders, and these leaders were scattered and hidden in various places in the fictional version of North Korea that this game was set in. Mercenaries 2 threw out this structure, and what was left feels a great deal more redundant and unnecessary.
Your main reason for becomming a player in the Venezuelan battlefield is not simply earning money. This was the simple yet dubious reason for your involvement in the first Mercenaries. But, while that motivation was a bit unethical, it is no match for the ridiculous reason you are staying in Vezezuela, which is because you got shot in the butt by a double crossing military leader.
Sure, this might be worth a slight giggle, but it is in no way a good concept to design a whole game around.
Adding to the stupidity that ensues are the rather brain dead enemies that you will end up fighting in this game. They feel less like real threats, and more like walking turrets that randomly spout out cliches.
Mercenaries 2 is not a complete loss. There are fun weapons to use and cool vehicles to control. And sure, the game is dumb... but at least it is dumb fun. Mercenaries simply disappoints because it could have been so much more, but instead feels like a cheap cash in on the popularity of the first game.
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