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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

This game sure is a mercs game-- Lots of explosions , near immortality, and very, very repetitive level design. Don't get me wrong , this game is fun, but...it just feels dated...it shouldn't have been delayed. I cant understand what the reasoning behind that could have been but it couldnt have been that crucial. I do like it but the game has as damn near many flaws and glitches as skate does. Only they are a little better hidden in skate. I parked a car on a sidewalk and two women walked into it and pushed it while walking with great ease. My little 8 year old brother found a terrible glitch. If you drive into this one lake and dont abandon your car you drive straight across it. I had no idea Mattias was secretly jesus. anyway the game is fun but nothing will compell you to finish the game until the end. you wont wake up and want to play it. The story isnt great, not to mention its the same story with each character, WTF?, and the game doesnt really have any climax. This game is fun but unless you really liked Mercs 1 this should be a rental and only a rental. Dont expect anything ground breaking. Thanks for reading! :)

Posted by JoblessTerence

Short and sweet. Great review!

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    Mercenaries 2 is a game that went through a large development cycle;but mainly due the former Publisher(Lucas Arts)dropping it half way through development, then it being picked up by Electronics Arts.You guy's aren't reading this to hear the history of this game are you?Your reading to see if this game kick's as much ass as the first did.The simple answer is yea, it kicks ass, but it has more flaws and less appealing combat then the last.The game has so many flaws and bugs, like when you die yo...

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    The original Mercenaries was one of my favourite games of the last generation. There wasn’t a huge amount of press for the game, or a lot of hype, and it was refreshing; to see an excellent, free-roaming game that wasn’t trying to tie itself into Grand Theft Auto just doing it’s thing. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is the sequel, a game I was admittedly really looking forward to. Unfortunately, it’s just not as endearing as the original. Nowhere close, really. It’s a game that’s full of promise...

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