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Never has so much potential been squandered 1

Mercenaries 2.....I don't even know where to start.It definatly looks like it had the potential to be a fantastic and fun experience, but is held back by some annoying gameplay glitchs and cheap tactics involved in the firefights.Mercs 2 is not exactly your average sandbox game in the sense that everyone whos head of the mercs game will agree that it focus' on pure destruction of whatever gets in your way. A rather weird clash is how hurting civilians will cause you a penalty of currency, so whi...

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The game could've used a bit more polish, but it's still damn fun 0

ProsDoes a good job of making you feel like a bad ass. Explosions look sweet. Good variety of weapons, vehicles and various explosives to wreak havoc with. ConsGames pretty damn buggy. Some physics issues. Dudes in buildings with rocket launchers. Lack of Local Multiplayer The original Mercenaries was somewhat under appreciated.In the end the same might be applicable to this sequel.While it's got some pretty big issues when it comes down to it, it's incredibly fun and does a great job of makin...

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It may have some bugs but everything else makes up for it 3

Ok so Mercenaries 2 is a sandbox action actventure game and is the sequal to the first game Mercenaries Playground of Destruction. You can play as either of the 3 mercenaries each with their own special ability. the story has you chasing a guy named Roman who screwed you over and didnt pay you and you have to work for a varity of actions to get info on him. So here's a breakdown.Graphics: Some people say there not next gen and GS says they have their ups and downs well i can tell you now there a...

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