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  1. Next to bonfire in Cardinal Tower, in the Forest of Fallen Giants.
  2. In Majula after exhausting all her dialogue and defeating the Last Giant.

After spending 10,000 souls she will players a Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +1.


Weapons Cost
Broken Straight Sword 400
Hand Axe 700
Club 800
Caestus 1,000
Pate's Shield 5,800
Traveling Merchant set 4,630
Agdayne's SetAfter defeating Grace Warden Agdayne
Benhart's SetAfter defeating Benhart of Jugo
Chaos SetAfter defeating Royal Sorcerer Navlaan
Creighton's SetAfter defeating Creighton
Hexer SetAfter defeating Felkin the Outcast18,600
Pate's SetAfter defeating Pate16,900
Saints's SetAfter defeating Licia of Lindeldt
Targray's SetAfter defeating Blue Sentinel Targray
Soul Arrow 1,500
Heal 1,500
Human Effigy51,500
Lifegem10 then unlimited when in Majula300
Amber Herb31,600
Witching UrnUnlimited400
Throwing KnifeUnlimited100
Pharros Lockstone14,000
Lenigrast's Key11,000

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