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Merco is a late boss from Mischief Makers and the last member of the Beastector unit to fight Marina. He resembles a bird wearing blue armor and uses a lance and shield as weapons. In one of his boss battles he uses a transforming machine known as Phoenix Gamma. Personality wise, Merco considers himself handsome and goes as far as listing one of his nicknames as "Dr. Smooth-Love" just before a fight. When he's not busy in romance, he plays the part of a knight and has a fixation on justice like his other comrades.

Abilities and Battles

Merco is No Joke
The first fight against Merco takes place on an airship in the Imperial HQ area. He will use his lance for most attacks and can stab at a blinding speed to cause heavy damage if Marina is caught up in it. He will also launch a swirling vortex of wind that snakes its way across the screen. 
Both his lance and shield can be stripped away by grabbing and shaking until they fly off. They can thrown at Merco to cause damage, but he can pick them back up if he's close enough to them.
A Fight in Free Fall
Two stages later Merco returns with his machine Phoenix Gamma. The first stage of the fight isn't too different from his first encounter except it takes place in free fall. Phoenix Gamma will occasionally shoot out its drill tip to complicate matters. The second phase involves Phoenix Gamma's bird transformation and will gain a number of attacks like lasers, machine guns, missiles, and also attempt to peck at Marina. For this part of the fight, its head must be grabbed and stretched out so it snaps back to hit Merco riding up top.
Merco is one of the few characters in Mischief Makers with voice acting. A number of his lines can be found below.


"I'm Merco."
"A hero with shining armor is called."
"Phoenix Gamma!"

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