Any info about this game?

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I just watched the release trailer for Mercury Hg and it looked pretty cool, but I hadn't seen anything about it until I noticed it on PSN. Is there any information out there about this game? I was obsessed with an old PC game called Ballance and ever since have been looking for a spiritual successor.

I know it's cheap and I should just take the plunge, but has anyone given this a shot? Is it worthwhile?

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I really enjoyed it.

The main game is not very difficult, a few of the later levels were a bit frustrating, requiring many tries to get all four medals you can get on a level.

I am playing it on Xbox360. If you care about achievements, all but one are easy to get. You get the final achievement for clearing all challenge levels, but that doesn't seem like a lot of fun. The challenge levels are the same levels as the main game, but the challenge is that you have to play a couple of specific levels in sequence while adhering to a specific goal -- like don't lose more than 50% of your mercury.

At 400 microsoft points I think this is pretty good value. The game is a bit short, but if they offered more levels right away you probably would just burn out on it. The level select screen already shows two sets of levels which are expected to be released in two future DLC packs.

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