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Mercury Meltdown Revolution is a puzzle game based upon the first game of the series, Mercury Meltdown for the PSP. This time however, it uses the Wii controls wisely and also adds more levels then the portable game. Holding the Wiimote sideways, you tilt it in order to tilt the level in order to help your blob of mercury get to one area of the level to another. You start off in one Lab and as you progress in the game, more labs are unlocked the better you perform. In future levels, you have to pass the level with all your mercury in tact (meaning that you can't let the mercury fall off the edge of the level). There are also painting areas within the game in order to change the mercury into a different color in order to get behind a certain point in the level. You often times find yourself breaking up your mercury into two different sections to mix and match the color you need in order to progress in the level.

In order to pass the stage, you must make sure that your mercury stays away from any dangers it might face. You will be rewarded by how well you pass the stage, like making sure you have 100% of mercury left, beating the level under a certain amount of time, collecting all of the items within the level and by getting a high score. In total, there are more then 150 levels for you to try and beat, with each level getting progressively harder with every level beaten.

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