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Mercury Meltdown Revolution is the spawn of Super Monkey Ball.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution for Wii is a great game for whoever might be bored! Are you not sure whether you should get this game or not? Read my opinion on this game! I like to call this game the spawn of Super Monkey Ball for several of the following reasons.

1. You control a blob of liquid metal instead of a solid monkey in a ball all the time! (Melting Monkeys would not be ideal for Super Monkey Ball!)

2. Certain power-ups can make your blob of mercury react in different ways like heating, cooling, and turning it into a solid ball at times of danger.

3. The blob can separate into tinier blobs if you go through spikes, if your off the ledge a little bit, and when you want to mix the colors of the blob to make a new color. (The color spectrum in the game will be your best friend)

Their are probably more things to say how different this game is compared to Super Monkey Ball, but I think I got the main concepts of what you can do with the blob of Mercury.

There are several minor flaws in the game that I would like to bring out.

1. The controls are very awkward when you want to proceed on. You press 1 instead of 2.

2. The Classic Controller can take away some of the fun due to the fact that the Wii mote is funner to use because its DUH! motion censored! *Note: you hold the Wii mote vertically.

3. The Levels can be very simplistic at times, but it gets more challenging and frustrating after awhile like Super Mario Galaxy.

4. There are not many mini-games to unlock but they are fun if you want to get away from the main game for just a little bit.

5. The music and sounds in the game can be very cheesy and cheap at times. However, some of the music does fit with the puzzle solving criteria.

If you can work around the flaws, it's a good game for the money. If you do not like Super Monkey Ball or puzzles, this game might not be for you. All-in-all it's a solid challenging puzzle platformer that is worth the money but is in no way revolutionary. So what are you waiting for? Have fun! 3.5/5 stars.
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