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Meredith Alcock is the Minister of Arland who is set on closing down Rorona's alchemist workshop to build a factory in which he believes will drive in more profits and prosperity to the Arland Kingdom. He assigns Sterkenburg Cranach to deliver assignments to Rorona and to oversee its demise. But after Rorona successfully completes the first couple of assignments and gets rebuffed by Sterk, he takes actions into his own hands to sabotage and close down the workshop. When his son, Tantris, returns to visit him, Meredith asks him to sabotage the workshop by any means, but Tantris also rebuffs him.

One night, he gets drunk and briefly talks to Rorona before passing out outside of Sunrise Cafe. Tantris stops by to retrieve his passed out father and drop him back to the castle. A few days later, Meredith has a chat with Tantris and considers his proposition of taking over his own position as minister of Arland. At the end of Atelier Rorona, Meredith is either spurned by Tantris on taking over the minister position, or reluctantly gives in with Tantris' budget proposal that with increased funding toward alchemy.

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