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After Lester Leroc infiltrates the "Angels of Death" he soon becomes befriended with the boss his girlfriend, Meredith. Lester tries to convince Meredith tell him if there is a rat within the gang and who it might be however instead of telling him who the rat is she gives Lester a blow job being high on marijuana. Meredith boyfriend eventually finds out about it and sends the whole gang after Lester and Meredith. Lester then asks Huang Lee to keep the gang from getting near him and Meredith since he senses Meredith is about to tell him what he wants.
Houang successfully manages to keep the gang away from Meredith making her think that her relation between her and Lester is still a secret. After escorting the two to a Hotel Lester and Meredith spend the night and have sex. She tells him everything Lester want to know about the gang revealing that there is no rat hidden within the ranks of the Angels of Death.
Lester having his job of finding out if there is a rat within the angels leaves her with both Hepatitis C and scabies.

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