The Real-Life Merman

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Link to original article.

So this dude lives his life as a merman. What are you doing? Playing video games?

I can not stop laughing about this. I find this utterly hysterical. And the first thing that popped into my head was Zoolander.

I am now just wondering if this is going to become a "thing". Like bronies. I really hope not.

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I'm going to make a costume so I'm half fish half man, but the other half. Basically the horsemask for fish.

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Yahoo. Must be genuine.

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i live my life as ethel merman

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I am now just wondering if this is going to become a "thing". Like bronies. I really hope not.

I really hope so.

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What do I do with my life? I go merman hunting of course.

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Shows like My Strange Obsession kinda make me miss having cable, but whatever. I feel like I'm wasting less time with entertainment without it.

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Moved to the Merfolk board. I'm really glad that already existed.

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I wish he'd have undergone some kind of extreme surgery to make him a real life reverse merman.

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That's one way to divert attention from your stinking junk. It's natural!

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I want to live life as a Merman. Not that kind though. More like this guy.

Eugene Mirman/Merman

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The guy probably gets more women than all of us here put together.

Which is sad.

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I was disappointed when i clicked that article. I was somewhat hoping that he had a whole bunch of plastic surgery to make his dream of being a merman a reality, that would of blown that real life barbie and ken dolls out of the water.

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