Worth tracking down a copy?

#1 Posted by RE_Player1 (7573 posts) -

I'm on a Metal Gear kick and will be picking up Peace Walker soon. Since I'll be playing my PSP a lot I was wondering if this game still holds up today? I saw Brad's old review of it and he seemed to like it.   

#2 Posted by the_r0n1n_named_47 (158 posts) -

I think so.  i just got a copy yesterday  (last time i bought it the psp just came out)  . worth it. but only if you don't mind the card battle thing at all. oh and peace walker is WAY WAY better, so if you don't like acid please for the love of kojima don't let it scare you out of getting peace walker

#3 Posted by iPhone_Tyler (136 posts) -

I really enjoyed both this and Metal Gear Acid 2, I played both a year ago.  These games are much different from any other Metal Gear games I've played (the card battle dynamics of course) but I thought it was a good fit for PSP's controls.

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