i need some help signing up

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ok signing up for mgo, i have never tried it, and am deciding to i am having trouble comming up with a password it will accept, and a game id, caould you help me out, here is what it says


 "Your Password must be a combination of alphanumeric characters of 8-32 characters in length."
now i have tried things like !_!_!_!_
what exactly is it asking for


 Please enter a GAME ID password 4-16 numbers in length.Only number (0-9) can be used as GAME ID password characters.Please don't use alphabet characters and symbols.
I have tried stuff like 12345678 and this still pops up, what am i not getting?
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I think the Konami ID must be a combination of letters and numbers.  Its really specific.  I remember having trouble with this too.  
Konami ID pass : letters and at LEAST 2 numbers
Game ID : ALL numbers
lowercase too?

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First off you should make your paswords stronger lol. But yeah for Konami ID you need letters AND numbers. Then for Game ID try something other than 123456789 since I'm sure they wouldn't allow that because it's something an idiot would put as a combonation on his lugage. 

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