Bladewolf DLC screens released

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So the first screenshots for the upcoming Bladewolf DLC (it releases May 9th for those wondering) have been revealed and we can already get a gist of what's going to be happening. Bladewolf appears in his pre Heel-Face turn form, a.k.a the boss form that Raiden and Sam fought against. Blade mode appears to be linked to his tail chainsaw, which makes sense considering I thought they were going to omit the function altogether because Bladewolf would play so differently, but all they need to do is facelift his moves from the boss fights and give players the option to do them (similar to Sam when he was playable). What's more interesting is that there appears to be an entirely new character, something we didn't see in the Jetstream DLC. This guy goes by the name of Khamsin and might be part of Desperado as a high ranking officer like the Winds of Destruction. In one screenshot, he appears to be operating some sort of exoskeleton/mech device. Perhaps this is our final boss for this particular DLC, but who knows.

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Yeah this looks like it'll be more meaty than Sam's DLC. At least 1 new enemy type, and 1 new boss. I'm very curious about how Bladewolf will do Zandatsu.

Hopefully they can justify the price tag this time.

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@rolanthas: You can see him doing Zandatsu (Zandogsu?) in the last screenshot.

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@rolanthas: You can see him doing Zandatsu (Zandogsu?) in the last screenshot.

Aaand it's via the chainsaw.

My life is now perfect.

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