Bladewolf First Impressions

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Ugh, I got suckered again. The Bladewolf DLC is out and I'm a sucker for nearly anything with a Metal Gear name on it, so of course I bought the thing, but some minutes into the story mode and I'm already kind of bored with it. I expected better, Platinum!

Maybe I'll write up a proper review later when I can make myself finish the story but here's a summary of good/bad things so far:


  • More storyline about Bladewolf trying to figure out what "freedom" means to him, also Mistral's ass on a chair of Scarab/Dwarf Geckos.
  • Can use all of Blade Wolf's moves from the boss battle, which includes the "heat knives" and the chainsaw tail.
  • Can actually perform stealth kills ("Hunt Kills") and use AR Vision, unlike Sam.


  • Smallest movelist in the game, even smaller than Sam.
  • Instead of Ninja Run or Double Jump/Airdash abilities like other PCs, Bladewolf can just run and jump. That's it. Can't block bullets during that either.
  • Re-using parts of Denver, Sukhimi levels. At least they didn't re-use the sewer level like in Jetstream.
  • That Khamsin guy. I just don't like him.

So yeah, if you bought it, let me know if you liked it better.

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The story bits are fantastic. Mistral on the Gekko chair and the final scene between her and Wolf are so silly and absurd that I can't help but love them. The new boss/robot man continues the MGR tradition of being both a dick and a bit sweary.

The levels are pretty much just more of the same in environments you have already seen with a much bigger emphasis on stealth killing everything in the area. There is a platforming sequence in a game that does platforming really bad.... a really irritating sequence that is only difficult due to the way Wolf moves. I like the way Wolf plays a hell of a lot more than Sam, it's a real shame you can't just take either character into the existing campaign.

I really wish the story DLC was better, sure the cutscenes are kinda great as brief as they are, but they could have had some real fun with this stuff. Instead it's a lot of reused areas fighting the same old enemies.

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I thought Jetstream was fantastic but was pretty disappointed in Bladewolf. I've replayed it a couple times for S-Ranks and appreciate it more, but my first playthrough was extremely frustrating. I don't understand why Platinum decided the DLC for their action game needed to focus on bad stealth and even worse platforming.

Bladewolf barely has any moves and nothing in combat that makes him unique, unlike Sam who focused on charge combos and had the taunt mechanic. The new boss fight is pretty terrible too and wasted on Bladewolf.

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