Dengeki Playstation Review (Translated Summary!)

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Dengeki Playstation (Japanese game mag) reviewed Rising.

Four reviewers; they gave it 85/90/100/90.


  • Once you are able to cut enemies in whichever way you please it is groundbreaking
  • Felt that rather than using the right analog stick, just hitting triangle/square is easier for getting Zandatsu (cutting an enemy to take their spines)
  • The damage you take is huge, one wants to master parrying and Zandatsu as soon as possible.
  • There are a lot of scenes with events taking place but there isn't much feeling of a deeper meaning [with the story].
  • There's somewhat less to the game in terms of its length, but taking into consideration the amount of codec information and title gathering, it feels fine in this respect.


  • On Normal, rather than by skill with parry it's possible to push your way through the game via recovery items that automatically recover you when you lose your health.
  • Conversely if you want a high rank after battles considerable skill is necessary.
  • Length is about 10 hours, but it seems like you can play for a long time after by collecting stuff.
  • Some practice is necessary to get a hang of using the camera during blade mode.
  • It's easy to overlook a part of the game by not listening to the codec communication. Save for that it's a great work


  • While the Stealth act held me back, there were a great amount of challenges implemented into the acts that gave many feelings of accomplishment
  • The mixture of all-out katana slashing and precise cutting is impressive, and so the game has an exquisite tempo to it.
  • There are a lot of ways to approach the battlefield and enemies
  • If in EASY mode beginners can feel good while playing
  • Because New game plus is also very fun, perfect score.


  • Huge satisfaction from the story
  • Feels like automatic mode has undergone an ultimate evolution
  • At any rate, the consecutive action is exhilarating
  • While advanced level players can gain satisfaction from such play styles,the ability to play for beginners who don't do complex button presses is splendid
  • I wanted a bit more technical depth to the gameplay
  • Although one playthrough takes about 10 hours, there is a density and depth to the collection component and because of that there is no dissatisfaction remaining about the length
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  • I wanted a bit more technical depth to the gameplay

Fuck, I really hope this is just a case of the reviewer not really getting as stuck into the combat mechanics as he could have.

From the demo, there seemed to be a reasonable number of special moves that could be incorporated into combo strings - but it felt like you'd run out of options to experiment with pretty quickly.

Regardless, I have it on pre-order and can't wait to play the final product.

My only gripe with this is, if you head over to Shoryuken (or any other online forum, for that matter) they're blindly singing the combat's praises, while sticking burning hot needles into DmC.

That game might not quite have the depth of DMC3 or Bayonetta, but after fucking around in training for half an hour last night, it's pretty clear that the system is far from trash. It promotes ingenuity and still has a ton of juggle potential.

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Ok It looks like I will enjoy this one. 10 hours is not too much for the first play trough but it should be enough.


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