Few tips after playing for a few hours...

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I really like this game, but have had a few things that have been causing me some issues which are frustrating. Just wanted to pass on some tips that have helped me in case there is anyone else struggling with them. Playing on hard BTW, feels like a solid step up from the demo in difficulty.

I do think the camera has some issues. Would like it a little further back ... I think that would help. Don't think it's terrible as much as the frantic gameplay just makes it so any camera solution would probably be a little problematic. The biggest thing I can suggest is learn to use lock-on (back right trigger). Especially during boss battles. This helps tremendously and really helps with bosses jumping off screen and then not being able to block/parry them. With the first wolf fight, I was able to keep it in on screen consistently this way. This is a must use feature IMO.

Second is just to really pay attention to what direction you're pressing the stick when you are parrying. I was having a lot of problems at first but realized I wasn't being nearly as accurate as I thought. You have to accurately point the left stick towards the enemy. It's a very solid and reliable system, you just have to learn to see where the enemy is and make sure you're left stick is pointing towards them precisely. The camera makes this difficult but it does get much more natural over time.

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Thanks for the tips, I'll have to try these tonight. I found myself getting pretty frustrated with both of those issues. I read somewhere that you can't point the left stick in the direction of the enemy before you parry. The stick has to go from straight up to the direction + light attack in order to parry. Is that correct?

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Parry+riposte, lock-on(for harder UG enemies and bosses) and the Offense as Defense-move. That is all you need.

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Much obliged.

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