Gamestop Pre-order Bonus

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Anyone who has the Gamestop pre-order Cyborg Ninja Skin and Fox Blade code for Xbox 360, are you having problems with your codes?

I know it says the codes are not live on the receipt but I have read people redeeming their codes and while others are still having problems. I am wondering if there is anyone who had a problem at first and is able to redeem it yet?

#2 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5167 posts) -

tried redeeming mine and it told me that the code was invalid. So yeah, problems here.

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Fine print says you need a gold sub. Fairly sure that's what's boning mine up atleast. (fucking microsoft)

#4 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4745 posts) -

I was gonna use that my second time through. I never even pre ordered and Gamestop gave me a extra code they had. Got the art book too. Lucky me.

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@layer72o: I do have a Gold Sub.

Just tried it again now and it worked this time, so all is good.

#6 Posted by firecracker22 (572 posts) -

You need a gold sub to redeem a pre-order bonus? Seriously?


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