Genuinely looking forward to the review.

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I usually read Giantbomb reviews more for the writer than the game, I find Jeff, Brad and Alex's perspectives really interesting so the game in question is more often than not, irrelevant. I find myself pretty damn interested in Jeff's forthcoming Rising review though, between him not liking the Original Metal Gear Solid, enjoying Platinum as a developer and having the most detached (in the best possible way) view of the three, I really want to know what he thought of it. Now I know that it's going up at midnight I guess I'm going to be staying up a little longer.

All in all I am getting more and more excited for Rising.

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I have a feeling Revengeance's review is going to be one of those 4 star reviews that reads more like a 3 star review, where Jeff'll proclaim it's a good game but he very clearly didn't enjoy his time with it all too much. I'm with you anywhoo, I really enjoy reading staff reviews, too (especially Alex's) regardless of whether I'm getting the game or not because they're often well written and it always makes for an interesting perspective.

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@yummylee said:

I have a feeling Revengeance's review is going to be one of those 4 star reviews that reads more like a 3 star review

It wouldn't surprise me, which is kind of cool. I like that the scores here can be looked at as though the star rating indicates how the reviewer felt about the game and the text being what they thought.

I'm right there with you about Alex's reviews though, I only started paying attention to Giantbomb last year (tragically) and was over joyed when I realised Alex was contributing reviews. I made a point to go back and read all the ones I'd missed, he was definitely a favourite of mine back in the Gamespot days.

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