Metal Gear Rising Title Screen

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You had me at the Platinum logo.

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Looks good. Love Metal Gear and Platinum.

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So is this game even considered canon give how they completely changed the plot?

How have they changed the plot? In order to accommodate Platinum and to give them freedom, Kojima shifted the timeline of the story to after MGS4. It used to be about how Raiden saved Sunny between MGS2 and 4, but now it's set after 4 so there is no plot to ruin because no one knows it yet.

So Raiden got back being cyborg Ninja? Kinda ruins the happy ending he got. Besides, The Patriots are gone and done by then so who is he working for? Just seems like it made more sense staying with the initial plot line for the game. I also remember reading somewhere that the plot wasn't considered canon anymore so that's why Koijima gave them the OK to change it.

it's a spin-off, probably non-canonical, so try to not take it too seriously. it is platinum games, after all.

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@MooseyMcMan: @benspyda: Right now I'm taking a Medical terminology class, so deconstruction parts of words is on my mind.

If someone venges against me, I can have my revenge, but then could that also be vengeance, or is it too late fore that, and where does "avenge" come into play?

Tell me English majors.

When the revenge is complete, you avenge those who have been affected by those who you are seeking revenge upon. Vengeance is more so a feeling of needing revenge.


Neon Genesis Re-Avengelion


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Rebuild of Re-Avengelion: 5.55 You Can (NOT) Revenge.

Think about it.

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I've never seen a game that looked this retarded before, lol.

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PlatinumGames + Kojima Productions = Japanese Awesomeness.

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When they showed that announcement trailer, I figured it'd be some kind of awesome dissection simulator. Now that Platinum is at the helm, it'll be a crazy GOW clone - polished and beautiful, but the initial feature of accurate cutting of dudes will most likely be sorely underused.

Honestly, I don't know what I expected. The tech looked amazing, but the gameplay could never live up to that video. Sure, it's fun cutting dudes into tiny pieces... and then those pieces into pieces, but I imagine that would be tiring quickly. I'll be satisfied with Revengeance, but I'll always have that "game that was" in my mind, which honestly is the best place for it.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but Kojima himself said that the old version of Rising didn't got much going on for it, aside from that single mechanic. Like you said, the gameplay could never live up to that video, so after they impressed everyone, they didn't know what to do with the game and they were about to cancel it. Then, they handed it to Platinum.
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Fuck, that is so fucking cool.

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I wonder what Konami is going to be doing for E3 this year.

I can only hope it is another terrible and hideous press conference. That train wreck last year was TOO STRONK!

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