Need help deciding which version to buy.

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I know it's not that big a deal, I usually just get multi platform games on a 360 but for some reason I'm having a real hard time deciding if I should change my 360 pre order to ps3 because something about this game looks like it would play better with a ps3 controller and for some reason the notion of buying the game on a 360 seems odd to me (and I just bought a new ps3 and want something to play it on.)

I think ps3 is the lead platform and I know platinum didn't handle the ps3 version of beyonetta but i'm still apprehensive because of it.

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Bayonetta was supposed to be 360 exclusive, but due to Sega fearing it would sell less in Japan, they(Sega either outsourced the port or did it themselves) ported it to the PS3. Platinum had nothing to do with the afore mentioned port.

The later Platinum games like Vanquish and Anarchy Reigns are basically equal on both platforms. I'd go with the PS3 version though, since it is the lead platform for Rising. It also has v-sync if you don't like screen-tearing.

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Play the demo on both consoles and see which controller feels best?

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I would just rent it....

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I think i read somewhere that the PS3 version was getting free VR mission dlc. If you're into that...

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@ahaisthisourchance:So the ps3 doesn't have the screen tearing? because it really bothered me in the 360 demo.

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I'd go PS3. I know this is kinda dumb but I'm a traditionalist so whenever I do get around to playing this it will be on PS3. Playing Metal Gear on any other system than a Playstation feels....odd. Then again, that reasoning is logically really stupid so get what ever version you want.

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@demoskinos: I know exactly what you mean, like I said the notion of playing it on an Xbox does feels really weird to me.

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PS3 version runs at 60fps pretty much the entire time with no problem

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Why did I think there was going to be a PC version?

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@daveyo520: I think platinum have said they would like to do one.

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Read around that the ps3 was the lead version they developed this for so the PS3 version should be the one to go with. If you compare it to another platinum game, Bayonetta I think the ps3 version was outsourced which caused the messed up port. Another reason you should go with the ps3 if you have that choice is compression of some of the cutscenes, mainly due to the space of dvds and blu-ray discs they compressed the videos to fit it on the disc for Xbox 360 probably not to the effect of Final Fantasy XIII but still. Found this for comparison sakes.

Loading Video...

Hope this helps for people still facing the dilemma.

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@i_stay_puft: I really appreciate that mate, ended up going with the ps3 version, loving it so far.

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I guess it's already to late, but for anyone else still contemplating which version to buy, the 360 version runs better than the PS3 version.

Source: Digital Foundry

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I played the game to completion on both systems. There are a few differences, but you're good with either really. The two main differences are as follows.

The prerendered cutscenes look a little compressed on the 360, while the image quality is great on the PS3. The 360 version's cutscenes look fine, the PS3's just look a bit better.

The 360 version runs at an almost constant 60 FPS, while the PS3 version some some semi-frequent drops in frame rate, but nowhere near unplayable. I'd say the lowest the frame rate gets on the PS3 is in the 30s, but it's usually at 60.

EDIT: Guess you already chose, whatever, I'll leave this hear for anyone else.

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I found the framerate drops on PS3 to be a bit annoying. It doesn't seem too frequent during gameplay compared to the cutscenes, blade mode and QTE parts but when it does drop frames it's really noticeable and jarring. The worst examples are probably when the codec audio starts streaming from the disc while it's also loading a new area, the game becomes a slideshow for several seconds, with the framerate dropping into the single digits if you also try to move during that time.

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Wasn't this game supposed to come out for PC? ...I don't think I can wait.

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Wasn't this game supposed to come out for PC? ...I don't think I can wait.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising was announced for PS3/360/PC, the PC part was dropped when KojiPro failed to make the game. There is no PlatinumEngine game on PC as yet, so if this one does cross over maybe we'll also get belated ports of some of Platinum's other games too?

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