S-Ranking "Very Hard" is giving me cramps...

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Particularly in the wrist area. And I'm only at Monsoon trying to avoid his 8-string combo, smokebomb (that does 0.1% dmg) and stray explosive barrels from the spinning armored-wheel. I bet the fight with Armstrong is going to nudge me ever-so-closely to flinging projectiles at expensive objects. Oh. And don't forget that achievement/trophy to S-rank all the chapters in Revengeance mode.

I feel like slitting something fleshy now.

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Don't forget, ice THEN heat. IcyHot pads are actually perfect. And make sure you stretch out, stretching helps clear up the lactic acid, i.e. the source of the cramps.

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Pause the game and run around outside for a bit, clear your head and expend some of that excess energy, then go back in with a fresh start.

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