The DLC is being made free

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It's not been made entirely clear whether this is on both platforms or not, but I'd assume so. Regions are also yet to be commented on, so if you've checked your PSN Store/XBL Marketplace and haven't seen a change, it might be cause they haven't updated the store for your region yet, or it may not be coming to all regions. As for the quality of the content, I felt as if when the Jetstream and Bladewolf DLCs first came out, they played fine and both characters brought new elements to the table, but the reused assets and short length left me wanting, so I guess now that the price of admission is absolutely nothing, you can't really go wrong.

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Wow, this is a nice surprise. I was gonna wait for a sale, but this is better.

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Hey should play Metal Gear Rising. It's kinda awesome.

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Kinda sucks for me as I was one of the few that bought it. I wasn't really a fan of the way Sam played and the Wolf levels had some hideous platforming sequences.

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I've been wanting to check this out. This seems like a good reason to go pick it up.

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Yayyyy! No wait, I live in Europe, nayyyy!

Jesus titty fucking christ, it's 2013 and we still have regional delays and restrictions!

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Sure, I'll play more Metal Gear Rising.

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Nope, not in Australia yet. I hope it's coming because the Jetstream DLC looks fun. The base game's still free for PS+ members, though!

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Anyone know if there was any truth to the rumors Revengeance was coming to PC?

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No change to the UK XBL marketplace yet.

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Any one know when they said the dlc will be available for free?

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Wow, that is shitty for people who paid money. Awesome because now I'll go back and "finish the fight" so to speak but still wow...that's both shitty and awesome at the same time.

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